Bone Resorption

An important term to be familiar with is bone resorption

Bone resorption is the breakdown of bone by cells known as osteoclasts. The broken-down bone is replaced by new bone growth, made by cells known as osteoblasts. This is a natural process, as osteoclasts break down bone in response to bone disease or bone damage, removing damaged bone to allow it to be replaced with new bone. In growing children, bone growth is higher than bone replacement, but the rate of resorption increases with age, and over time bone loss rate becomes higher than bone replacement rate. bone resorption

We all need to get enough calcium to support important functions and create new bone tissue. If you don’t get enough calcium, your body will steal calcium from your bones so it has enough to meet your body’s needs. This can lead to osteoporosis and skeletal weakness later in life and can result in calcium deficiency, or hypocalcaemia.

It is critical that every one of us supplies our bodies with the essential, absorbable calcium that we need for a strong and healthy life

Bone Density Testing

Bone health can be determined by a bone density test. This (painless!) test measures bone density and your doctor can tell you if you need to take action to protect your bone mass. Health guidelines require this at age 65, but if you are concerned for any reason it is a good idea to get this test early – and get the facts about your own bone density.

A bone density test can help your doctor determine your need for calcium citrate supplementation.