Calcium for all ages

Strong bones begin in childhood. As your children grow up, their bones grow up too – 90% of bone mass is created before age 17. Children's bodies are most capable of absorbing calcium but most aren't getting enough calcium and vitamin D to build peak bone mass. They are missing out on the opportunity to maximize bone mineral reserves.

Creamy Bites delivers the absorbable calcium citrate needed to close the calcium gap in kids so they grow up with strong bones.

Teens, Adolescents and Calcium

Bone growth slows as we reach our twenties, but in adolescents and young adults it is critical to continue to get enough calcium to maintain strong bones. Bone growth slows, but it continues into early adulthood.

Adults and Calcium

As we move into adulthood, bone growth starts to slow down, and a regular daily dose of calcium is important to help slow this decline. Calcium and vitamin D help maintain bone health at all ages, and have been shown to help prevent osteoporosis later in life. Adults can preserve their bone mass by making sure they get enough calcium through diet and supplements.

Calcium and the Elderly

Our bones grow weaker as we age, but with a healthy diet and proper use of a calcium citrate supplement such as Creamy Bites, we can maintain an active lifestyle for our entire life. The need for calcium is particularly important for women, as menopause brings even greater calcium needs to slow bone loss during the aging process.