Calcium Citrate

You need the right kind of calcium or your body can’t absorb it effectively

Soluble There are two main forms of calcium found in supplements, calcium citrate and calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is the most common for one simple reason: it is the least expensive. Calcium citrate costs more to add to a supplement, but it is the best way to get the extra calcium that your body can absorb and use. In this image you can see calcium citrate in water on the left, and calcium carbonate in water on the right. As you can clearly see, only citrate is able to easily dissolve in water.

Calcium carbonate must be taken with meals because it requires stomach acid to dissolve and absorb it. Calcium citrate is not dependent on stomach acid for absorption, is well absorbed on an empty stomach, and does not constipate. Older people have decreased stomach acid, which makes choosing calcium citrate even more important.

Creamy Bites with calcium citrate offers protection against bone loss from a supplement and higher tolerability so they can be taken any time.

Calcium carbonate, the most widely used calcium supplement, can cause gas, cramping and constipation. It can also cause stomach irritation and must be taken with food.