Calcium Supplements

Calcium and vitamin D supplements help close the calcium gap and are important for bone health at every age

When we are growing up, getting enough calcium is critical as our bones mature. As we age, it's harder for the body to make new bone as quickly as it's destroyed, especially for women after menopause. It is also harder for older people to absorb calcium and vitamin D. Calcium supplements help grow a solid bone foundation and then maintain it for a lifetime of good health.

25% of boys and only 10% of girls ages 9 to 17 get enough calcium

The Need for Supplements

The reality is that calcium intake in the United States is below the RDA in every age group, male or female. This is particularly troubling when it occurs during the critical formative years, when children are growing the bone strength they need to support them for the rest of their life!

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A study found the average daily calcium intake in girls to be 814 milligrams, a huge calcium gap of 486 mg below the required 1,300 mg. In addition to a lack of dietary calcium, another reason for this is that during the most critical period for bone mass development, pre-teens and teens replace calcium-rich milk with soft drinks, which rob bones of calcium.

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