Not Just for Bones

99% of the calcium in your body is found in your bones and teeth, but the other 1% is also critical for maintaining your health. Calcium is the most important mineral in the body and is essential for good overall health.

"Supplementation with calcium citrate should be considered for individuals who fail to meet the recommended intake for calcium."

Dr. Deborah Straub, Nutrition in Clinical Practice

Regulate Blood Pressure

Calcium supplementation helps lower systolic blood pressure. One study1 showed that men with high blood pressure consumed less calcium than men without hypertension.


Weight Control

Calcium helps maintain and manage healthy weight. In one study,2 obese women who consumed less than 600 milligrams of calcium daily went on a diet and took either a placebo or a 1,200-milligram calcium supplement daily. The women taking calcium lost 13 pounds while those taking a placebo lost only 2 pounds.
The human body requires adequate levels of calcium throughout every stage of life. Research has linked calcium deficiency to stress, aging, allergies, heart disease and cancer. Calcium is needed by every organ and cell in the human body and is essential in ensuring that other minerals and nutrients are fully absorbed.

If you are not getting adequate calcium from your diet, close your calcium gap with Creamy Bites calcium citrate supplements!


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