Why Calcium?

why calciumStrong bones are needed for an active life, and calcium is needed for strong bones. Dietary sources of calcium are best because they contain other essential nutrients your body needs, but most people don’t get enough calcium from their diet. The difference between the calcium you get from food and the amount of calcium your body needs on a daily basis is called the calcium gap.

Benefits of Calcium

Calcium provides many critical benefits in addition to supporting bone health. It helps maintain proper nerve and muscle function as well as cardiovascular health. Calcium helps regulate blood pressure and blood clotting and is also known for decreasing mood swings and food cravings.

Close Your Calcium Gap

Creamy Bites with calcium citrate can help you close your calcium gap and avoid the risk of osteoporosis and weak bones. If your calcium intake is falling short of your body’s needs, then Creamy Bites can help your bones get the essential calcium they need to grow strong and stay strong.